Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad 2019

Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad – India culture and history is in its own way a tourist attraction and a source of income. Ahmedabad City is playing a key role in the preservation and spread of the culture for the benefit of its people. In the heart of Ahmedabad city is a cultural heritage Centre worth a stopover for those people visiting Ahmedabad. Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture,… Read More »Vechaar Utensils Museum Ahmedabad 2019

Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir Ahmedabad 2019

Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir Ahmedabad – People visit Ahmedabad City, in the Gujarat State of India for many reasons. One reason is for religious purposes. Ahmedabad is a home to major religious Centers. Almost every religion has its major shrine/ place of worship located here. The Shree Camp Hanuman Temple is a good example of such places. The temple is a major attraction to visitors due to its size and… Read More »Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir Ahmedabad 2019

Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad 2019

Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad – A visit to Ahmedabad City should include a visit to Dada Bhagwan temple, 20 km (10-minute drive) from Ahmedabad. The temple is located along Ahmedabad- Kaloi highway in the village of Adalaj. It is a modern-day temple, well equipped with food cafeteria, school, and a medical facility. The modern architectural design is marveling to your eyes. The atmosphere and the surroundings are very calm and… Read More »Dada Bhagwan Temple Ahmedabad 2019

Places Near Ahmedabad You Can Visit 2019

Eight places near Ahmedabad #01 – kutch, Gujarat This place is also referred to as the white desert of India because of the stretches of the white salt desert which is visible as pure white land. It is an island that resembles a tortoise in shape. Basically, it is a princely state owing to the great nature it had from the past. Greatly known for the Great Rann of Kutch,… Read More »Places Near Ahmedabad You Can Visit 2019

Tourist Places Near Ahmedabad 2019

Seven Tourist Place Near Ahmedabad #01 – Patan Gujarat This is a city that is near Ahmedabad that is well known for its tourist attraction having been recently been included among those cities in Indian that houses World Heritage. This city has friendly people who welcome visitors in open arms. It has a lot of history as many battles happen here. Some of the places you can visit here include… Read More »Tourist Places Near Ahmedabad 2019

Ahmedabad Places to Visit 2019

Ahmedabad Places to Visit Ahmedabad: Top places for Culture Exploration If you ever find yourself planning to visit India, you may want to add this place to your itinerary. As one of the fastest growing cities in India, this place a growing commercial hub still filled with India’s cultural signature.  Ahmedabad Places to Visit There are many prime tourist spots to visit here, though many locals would suggest that you… Read More »Ahmedabad Places to Visit 2019

Places to See in Ahmedabad 2019

Places to visit in Ahmedabad –  Ahmedabad is the largest city in India and it is located on the western part of India and greatly known for its amazing tourist sites. Places to See in Ahmedabad   The Lakes 01# – Thor Lake With magnificent scenery, Thor Lake is a haven for bird watchers spotting up to 200 species of the bird family. It is located 30km away from the… Read More »Places to See in Ahmedabad 2019

Things to Do in Ahmedabad 2019

Things to Do in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is a place of beautiful landscape and sceneries which holds a lot of mysterious histories of ancient India. Ahmedabad is a centre of tourism and beautiful attractions; a place that even if you are visiting for the first time you would have to visit over and over again just because it is known to be the largest and most famous city in Gujarat… Read More »Things to Do in Ahmedabad 2019

Tourist Places in Ahmedabad 2019

Tourist Places in Ahmedabad Tourist places near Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy the different events that are held here. If you want to see that natural beauty or different culture and sports you must visit that place. Ahmedabad is the capital of Indian state Gujarat. #01 – Adalaj Stepwell Adalaj Stepwell is constructed by Rana Veer Sinh in 1498. The attractive thing… Read More »Tourist Places in Ahmedabad 2019

Sabarmati Ashram 2019

Sabarmati Ashram (also known as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, or Satyagraha Ashram) is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, adjoining the Ashram Road, on the banks of the River Sabarmati, four miles from the town hall. This was one of the residences of Mahatma Gandhi who lived there for about twelve years along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi.Every day Bhagavad Gita was recited here Sabarmati Ashram It was… Read More »Sabarmati Ashram 2019